Premature Ejaculation Advice

5 Unusual Triggers of Premature Ejaculation

Unusual Triggers of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is caused by many factors, including anxiety and stress. Coupled with bad health, these factors can negatively affect men during the intercourse and cause a lot of frustration. However, premature ejaculation can sometimes be caused by seemingly positive situations, so let’s take a look at 5 unusual situations that could trigger this issue.

New Girl

You’ve been flirting with that new girl, and she likes you as well. Things are getting serious, and you feel like it’s time to take the next step. But getting intimate with someone new is always a time that makes you feel a bit nervous. There are high expectations, and what if something goes wrong? All this worrying is understandable, and a lot of men feel the same. To avoid the risk of premature ejaculation when getting intimate with that new girl, try to focus on some other parts of sex. Take it nice and easy, enjoy the foreplay and focus on her pleasure.


Holidays are meant to be the time when we feel relaxed, but it often happens to be just the opposite. This is especially true if you have a big extended family, and there are all sorts of expectations you have to meet in order to make everyone happy. Some of these commitments are unavoidable but try to find some time for yourself. Why not go to the gym, or just take a walk? Having that little bit of time just to yourself can help you a lot when dealing with stress and anxiety.

New Job

Another situation that can bring the feeling of anxiety is getting a new job, or being promoted at one’s job. Sure, it feels great to advance in your career, but with new job come new responsibilities and new tasks, and sometimes you have doubts whether you’re up for it at all. And feeling nervous at work might also make you feel nervous in your life, and even worse – the bed. If you keep thinking about the job, you probably won’t have the time to focus on your needs and the needs of your partner, and that can lead to trouble. Instead, try to relax – stretch and meditate, maybe do yoga a little bit. Whatever will help you to take your worries off your mind, and what you’re most comfortable with.

The Big Night

Whenever you’re anticipating getting intimate with your partner that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. You might have big expectations, and that’s understandable. For example, the wedding night or an important anniversary can make you feel very stressed. You want to please your partner, but all that excitement just might be too much for your body. Again, take it slow, talk to your partner, focus on some other aspects of sex, and just try to have a good time. She will definitely enjoy that, too. There are many ways for partners to enjoy, you just have to be creative, and possibly sometimes think outside the box. The Internet is a great tool to help you with that.


Another happy occasion – but is it really? Well, not exactly, at least when it comes to your health. Celebrating those special occasions usually involves excessive drinking and eating, which is certainly not good for you. Especially if we’re talking about alcoholic drinks and fatty foods. You’ve probably heard many, many times that those are not good for you, but sometimes you just can’t resist them. Improper diet can make you feel tired, nervous, and you might lack energy. The last one can be very bad for your love life. Instead, try to incorporate more healthy food into your everyday diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables, trying to take more vitamins. You don’t have to completely give up on alcohol and fatty foods, but try to minimize that as much as you can, and your body will thank you for it.