Premature Ejaculation Advice

Five Red Flags That Could Mean the Start of Early Ejaculation

Red flags for early ejaculation

Early ejaculation is a troublesome condition. For many men, a true cure simply isn’t a realistic option. Instead, their focus is on controlling and mitigating the

condition. By watching for danger signs they are in a better position to maintain control of their sexual stamina and ensure their performance doesn’t suffer. Here we’ve brought together five of the biggest warning signs that an episode of early ejaculation could be right around the corner.

1. Increased Stress

Stress is perhaps one of the biggest and most common triggers when it comes to sexual performance problems like this. Quite often, men realise stress is building but they don’t immediately connect it with a higher risk for early ejaculation. If you find your stress level rising, it’s important to take action quickly. Engaging in even simple stress reduction like controlled breathing or simple yoga stretches can easily prevent early ejaculation from taking hold.

2. Difficulty Focusing Mentally

FocusSexual problems often begin in the mind and cloudy thinking is another red flag that more serious issues could be popping up. Cloudy thinking could be the result of a lot of things and it’s important to trace it back to the root if you want to address the problem effectively. When cloudy thinking hits, start with trying to calm your mind. Quite often cloudy thinking is the culmination of both stress and anxiety, so using meditation or mindful breathing can be a great way to bring things back under control and achieve a healthy balance.

3. Slipping Into Poor Habits

A lot of men who find themselves dealing with chronic early ejaculation have been able to trace the problem back to bad habits. Smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet and general laziness can all be big contributing factors. Guys who load up with lunches at restaurants, dinners of fried or processed foods and evenings of beer and television often find that’s the best recipe for an episode of early ejaculation. Break the cycle when you see yourself slipping back into those habits. Don’t let a minor setback snowball into a major problem!

4. Anxiety About Sex

Anxiety About SexWhen you start to feel like something is off, it might manifest as a generalised anxiety about sex. You might not even be able to put a finger on exactly what’s wrong, but you know something is off. This can be one of the bigger red flags as it often plays on a man’s mind more than anything else. If you find yourself unable to relax and focus on having a good time in the bedroom, it’s time to examine your life and see what steps you can take to create more harmony outside the bedroom so that you can have more fun when the door is closed. It’s always good to talk to your partner about early ejaculation.

5. The Close Call

Once you experience early ejaculation, you learn all too quickly what a Close Call feels like. It can happen a few days or even a few weeks before real premature ejaculation settles in but it’s a warning shot every man should take seriously. This is the most serious red flag as there is no way to tell if it’s just your body giving you a warning or if it is truly the beginning of something more serious.

These red flags shouldn’t be seen as setbacks or defeats. Instead, they should simply be seen as warning signals that can direct every man to his optimum health. By looking for them and heeding their warnings, men can easily maintain their best sexual performance, satisfaction and, of course, happiness.