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Yuletide Early Ejaculation: The Five Holiday Triggers to Avoid

Things to avoid during holidays

The holidays are upon us and with them come the stress that can mean problems for guys struggling with early ejaculation. The holidays are a crazy stressful times with families trying to do as much as they can together. Gatherings at home and at the homes of others means plenty of cleaning, shopping, cooking, travelling and coordinating schedules. No wonder men find they are more likely to experience early ejaculation around the holidays.

Before the craziness of the holidays really get into full swing, take some time to consider a few common triggers that are worth avoiding. Planning ahead on how you’ll handle each of these situations before they happen will keep you in control of the situation and your stress levels.

Your In-Law’s Political Views

In LawsLet’s not mince words – it was a crazy year politically. You may be tempted to jump into the fray of the political arguments which are bound to crop up at some of your holiday gatherings, but resist the urge. Do you really want to talk to your sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s views on gender identity? Are you sure you want to open the can of worms that explodes once you start talking about hot button topics. Political and religious arguments often get over-heated and overly emotional quickly. While there’s nothing wrong discussing current events of the day or even having debate about different points of view, avoid arguments where tempers flare too quickly. If you feel the situation is getting out of control, be the first to step back and excuse yourself. But the real goal is to simply steer clear of those topics completely. It will help prevent spikes in stress that can lead to early ejaculation and it’ll help your relationships with those people, too!

That Fourth Helping of Eggnog

Rich drinks flow freely at holiday parties. Eggnog is a popular favourite – and one that is positive laden in fat. Other mixed drinks also often have mixers that drive up the caloric value of a drink to a surprising degree. All of that means you are essentially drinking calories on top of the food you are probably indulging in at the same time.

The Third Plate of Dinner

GluttonySpeaking of indulgences, most people do eat a bit more during the holiday season. There are so many social gatherings and large dinners that it is almost impossible to stick to a strict low-calorie diet. But for guys prone to early ejaculation, indulging in too much food and drink can trigger an episode of their condition. In order to prevent this trigger from affecting you too much, think ahead and be prepared for parties. At most family dinners and parties guests usually bring something to share. Get together a list of recipes you can make to take with you that are delicious and healthy. There are plenty of healthy versions of decadent and traditional comfort foods, so do a little digging and find a few different dishes you can take and you’ll know there will always be something you can have while still sampling from some of the other, richer dishes.

Letting Someone Else Shovel the Driveway

The holidays may be a busy time, but they are also surprisingly lazy. Winter is a difficult time to get outside for exercise and with busy schedules, making time to hit the gym is difficult, if not impossible. So sneak some exercise in every chance you get. Park farther away at stores so you have to walk across the parking lot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when you only have a few floors to go. And make a habit of shovelling your driveway and the path in front of your house. It will keep you active regularly and your house will look better too.

The Christmas Movie Marathons

Couch PotatoWhen you’re off work and just hanging with the family. Watching some favourite Christmas movies is a great idea. But be careful you don’t get sucked into a marathon of binge watching. Sitting on the couch for a few hours may be fun, but doing it all day is bad for your health and circulation. Instead, mix it up by breaking up the movie marathon with some family board games or video games that use wands or floor mats to control the game.