Premature Ejaculation Advice

How to Turn Premature Ejaculation into Something Positive


If you’re looking for ways to improve your health and happiness, chances are sexual performance issues like premature ejaculation wouldn’t come to mind right away. But the fact of the matter is, if you’re willing to put in some work, you can turn almost anything into a force for positive change in your life. Men who have found themselves suddenly dealing with early ejaculation and even erectile health have found a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world.

Dealing with a chronic sexual performance issue isn’t easy. Treatment options often aren’t very simple and many times you can’t do too much at once. When treating premature ejaculation, for example, men often jump right into the deep end. They will try lifestyle changes, special diets, supplements, sexual aids and even prescription drugs all at once. The thinking is that by trying everything at once, something is bound to work. While that may be true for a little while doing too much can actually make the problem worse. It also becomes impossible to know which treatment actually is working. That means men don’t know what they can stop or what they need to focus on more. Essentially, it’s the perfect example of how working harder isn’t always the same as working smarter.

So what’s the trick to turning this problem into a change for the better? By approaching it with common sense …. and a sense of humour.

Step 1: Accept It’s a Problem

problemThis seems a bit obvious but lots of guys jump into treating premature ejaculation without first accepting they are vulnerable to the condition. By taking a look at how often and how frequently they have to deal with this problem, men will be able to better estimate their own level of vulnerability. This offers insight not only into their own sexual health, but can also help to identify possible triggers. Do episodes of early ejaculation occur more often during especially stressful times, such as the holiday season or busy periods at work? Is it a cycle linked to other conditions such as depression? Working to identify a pattern can go a long way into choosing the best treatments now and in the future.

Step 2: Open Up About the Problem

TalkThis isn’t something men can handle on their own. When sexual performance issues become chronic, it’s time to open up and talk things over with their primary care doctor and their sex partner. This brings the issue out into the open and lowers the stress and anxiety men can have when they feel as though it’s something they have to keep secret. This takes some of the power away from the condition and restores control back to the man.

Step 3: Make a Plan and Stick with it

Once you’ve taken the time to understand the condition, how it relates to your life and you’ve spoken to your doctor and sexual partner, it’ time to make a plan. Since you’ve spent so much time and energy understanding the condition, which makes choosing initial treatments much easier. But it’s vital you don’t get ahead of yourself. Since we know doing too much at one can be counter-productive, choose a treatment plan then stick with it.

Step 4: Don’t Get Lost in Your Own Head

Dealing with a problem like this can end up making you hyper-focused on the problem itself and just about anything else that isn’t going right. Nip that right in the bud by staying positive and motivated. Sign up for message boards and forums online to offer online support any time of day. Get busy and active with friends and family. Staying outside and physically active will help with your treatment (no matter what option you choose) and can even help treat conditions which may be related.

These steps will not only help you find the best treatments possible, they will also help you to stay sane during the process! Chronic conditions can be as draining emotionally as they are physically. By staying positive and actively maintaining a high level of motivation, you can find long-term solutions without losing your mind in the process.