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7 Tips to Treat Early Ejaculation

7 Tips to Treat Early Ejaculation

Early ejaculation affects almost every man in the world at one point or another. It’s simply part and parcel with being a guy to a certain degree, but that doesn’t mean you have

to resign yourself to it. In fact, there are plenty of options when it comes to accessible treatments. Here we’ve brought together seven great options that can help you get on the path to success in no time at all.

1. Clean Up Your Diet

They say you are what you eat and this is proven when it comes to the role nutrition plays in sexual health. A diet high in fatty, salty and processed foods is bound to cause some problems. One of the areas in which it can have a significant impact is in sexual performance. Stamina, flexibility and energy are all affected by what you eat. If you find yourself performing at less that your optimum levels, it may be time to review the fuel you’re using to feed your body.

2. Get a Move On

Diet is important, but so is a man’s overall level of activity. If a man eats well but never gets up and moves around, he’s simply not going to have the skills or stamina to perform the way he wants. Increasing your level of physical fitness will also boost your overall sexual health. Improved fitness results in improved circulation, which plays a huge role in sexual and erectile health.

3. Look for a Root Cause

If you really want to be done with Early Ejaculation once and for all, find out what your trigger is. Early ejaculation can be triggered by just about anything, which can make this a frustrating process. Some men are more vulnerable to early ejaculation while others know right away when they are running at a higher risk. Knowing how sensitive your system is to the condition is a great first step as that can lead to the discovery of specific triggers. You may also find that it is cyclical. Many men don’t struggle with the condition until a particularly hectic time of year such as the end of year holidays which can add more stress to a man’s life.

4. Engage in Some Healthy Stress Relief

StressSince stress plays such a big role in the condition, knowing how to relieve stress offers some pretty obvious benefits. Get into the habit of engaging in stress relief activities even when your stress levels are relatively low. This will help to make it more of an automatic habit and something you do without thinking when stress does strike.

5. Get Adventurous

Changing up your sexual technique and using different positions is a great way to delay orgasm normally Masturbationso for men dealing with Early Ejaculation, it can offer some help with their performance. Positions such as Doggy Style allow a man to enter from behind and that keeps too much stimulation being focused on the underside of the penis – one of the most sensitive regions.

6. Masturbate to Avoid Early Ejaculation

Controlled masturbation can be a great way to essentially retrain your system to delay orgasm. Go slowly and look for the physical cues your body gives you as you build toward orgasm. Pull back, take a breath and then continue. You may not build stamina right from the beginning, but this technique is endorsed by a number of sex therapists as a way to work on stamina over time.

7. Keep an Open Mind

At the end of the day, treating Early Ejaculation often requires some creative thinking. Changing up your lifestyle, your sexual techniques and even the way you handle day to day stress and anxiety will all help you resolve the issue but the key is to have an open mind. Remaining receptive and positive will make it easier to try different treatments with a positive outlook and a willingness to make the most of it.