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What we like about PrematureX is with its 7 potent ingredients, it beings to work within the very first pill. It is so versatile; PrematureX can be taken as needed or daily.

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After putting plenty of brands through the paces with thorough, controlled testing I can say without question that PrematureX is the answer you’re looking for.

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It is proven to be one of the most reliable products on the market right now, and with their Money Back Guarantee, you are assured satisfaction.

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PrematureX Review: Living with Premature Ejaculation

Living with Premature Ejaculation is terrible, take it from me. It's an embarrassing, depressing condition to have. The inability to satisfy your partner can create doubt and uncertainty in an otherwise healthy relationship.

I'm writing this PrematureX Review to share my experience with you and to help you understand what you can expect from taking PrematureX in the short, medium and long term.

When I first self diagnosed myself with premature ejaculation, I thought it was a temporary thing that happens to everyone. It took 6 months for me to realize that I'll most likely be stuck with this condition for the rest of my life if I don't do something about it. I finally mustered up enough courage to speak to my doctor. He reassured me and gave me a prescription for an antidepressant called Paxil. Once I got home, I immediately started researching the side effects of Paxil. I found an endless list of possible side effects that included depression and "suicidal tendencies". I would have rathered live with Premature Ejaculation the rest of my life then multiply my problems and make things worse. I was depressed enough as it was.

I started looking for alternatives to treat premature ejaculation and I found all sorts of different solutions. Everything from penis pumps to sprays and pills. I also found a product called PrematureX. The website was very informative and the science behind the product made sense. PrematureX also came with a very convincing money back guarantee.

At this point I had two choices; a prescription drug that may or may NOT help my premature ejaculation, had a list of serious side effects and could potentially lead to me killing myself or...

PrematureX, an all natural supplement that comes with a money back guarantee and no side effects. Needless to say, the choice was easy.

PrematureX Review: Month 1

I kept my plan of using PrematureX a secret. Not even my girlfriend knew about it. I won't lie, I was extremely nervous. I wanted PrematureX to work so badly and surprise her. After all she had been putting up with my problem for months at this point. By the end of the first week I noticed that I was already lasting longer. I wasn't about to break any records when i came to lasting long in bed, but by the end of the month, PrematureX had surpassed my expectations and I was finally able to last a decent amount of time. I went from 30 seconds to well over 3 minutes.

PrematureX Review: Month 2

By the second month I felt like a normal man for the first time in years. PrematureX helped my regain my sex life. My girlfriend finally broke the ice and asked me if I changed something in my routine. Although her question was vague, I knew exactly what she was referring to; my premature ejaculation problem. This was something that we both knew existed and that we never spoke about. I felt the need for some honesty as I had been keeping PrematureX a secret for a month now. I won't lie I was extremely nervous at that point but when I explained it and showed her the product, she was extremely supportive. At this point, I was easily lasting around 10 minutes.

PrematureX Review: Month 3

By the third month, I had reverted back to how I was before this premature ejaculation problem. I regained my confidence inside and outside the bedroom. I hadn't realized how much this was affecting me in all aspects of my life. I went back to the website and bought another 3 month supply of PrematureX just to make sure that the problem never comes back. Once I finished the 3 last bottles, I went back to my normal life. One year later, I'm still premature ejaculation free.

I'm so grateful to PrematureX and recommend it to anyone suffering from premature ejaculation. That is why I decided to write this review. Please feel free to publish this on your website and share it with anyone who is looking for a solution to premature ejaculation or a PrematureX review.

-Edward O.

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