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    PrematureX uses only the highest quality clinically proven ingredients to stop premature ejaculation.

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    Your satisfaction is our priority and PrematureX is covered by a no questions asked money back guarantee. Enjoy peace of mind with PrematureX.

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Stop Premature Ejaculation in its Tracks

Highest rated supplement
How It Works

Enjoy Total Ejaculation Control

PrematureX is formulated from a combination of highly potent herbal ingredients, each of which is shown to have exceptional results for men suffering from premature ejaculation. When taken once daily, this revolutionary treatment’s unique formula empowers the user to delay climax, create a lasting and satisfying sexual experience in bed every time – not only for himself but especially his partner – and seize control of his sex life once and for all.

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Why Trust
Why use Prematurex?

Why Thousands of Men Trust PrematureX

Having sex shouldn’t be about worry or anxiety, it should be about enjoying the moment. PrematureX provides its users the ability to enjoy great sex, every single time. Thousands of men worldwide use PrematureX find out what they have to say.

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New Formula
PrematureX Reloaded with a Brand New Formulation

PrematureX Reloaded

Based on in-depth herbal research and clinical trials, the science behind PrematureX is what puts it atop all competing solutions for premature ejaculation. Our team created an effective and potent solution to stop early ejaculation, and with such a successful track record, it’s no surprise PrematureX has become the leading solution for any man who suffers from PE.

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from Miami Florida, via Email

I've suffered from premature ejaculation for over 30 years and bless my wife, she put up with it for 15 of the worst sexual years of my life. Simply taking PrematureX has changed me in the bedroom. I no longer climax after...

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from New York City

Dear PrematureX, PrematureX works and it works fast! After 4 days on PrematureX i’ve been able to last 10 minutes longer. That might not seem long to you but for me it’s an eternity compared to how long it took me to...

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from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear PrematureX, I love my boyfriend dearly but the last few months of dating for 2 years I seriously considered leaving him. I don’t know if this makes me a bad person but I was so sexually unfulfilled I felt like i was...

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